Creating Website Backup Through FTP

One cannot change the reality that web owners seriously need a backup of their websites. Only a website backup can provide its owners a cure-all countermeasure to all the looming security threats. The backup can be obtained through different means; herein we shall discuss a legit website backup option which is FTP backup option.

An FTP is a networking standard protocol that is generally designed to copy files at a server host to a target location through networks driven by TCP/IP such as the internet. Specific FTP software like filezilla & aceftp allows users to access a website’s FTP server. This file transfer access essentially allows you to either download or upload the files to your website.

FTP client is very useful since the majority of internet hosting allows FTP access. A lot of trial offer versions of FTP programs are available which are effective and completely functional until it eventually reaches its time limit. Typically a professional version of an FTP client prices around $50, which is a good price considering the product’s value. If that is unaffordable for you then it is still perfectly fine to try trial versions of the program.

To begin with creating a backup through FTP you must first find out your web host if it does allow ftp access. As an example I have a website on godaddy, this web hosting provider employs cpanel hosting on their domains which allows FTP access. Now that I have confirmed that my website does allow FTP access, I need to start finding myself an FTP application to use. You can get free FTP programs or trial versions like WS_FTP ipswitch to start creating backup of your website files.

When connecting to your website trough an FTP rest assured that your connection with your web host is protected and authenticated with a password. To access your website files, the FTP program will ask you the sign in with your FTP username and password that you had set previously when you acquired the domain.

FTP program are very handy in creating off-site website backup files. With good compatibility and good enough security, you will discover that FTP backup is the best solution when you need one on the fly though outside that, FTP programs are outclassed by other website backup software in terms of regular automated backup for the long term. For the mean time, FTP software is a well enough backup option until you get yourself a better backup solution.