FTP Software – Easy Website Management With FTP

FTP stands for file transfer protocol and it is a software used for uploading and editing web pages onto a website or server. Commonly used by commercial and personal webmasters, FTP software allows easier file downloading and uploading regardless of its size.

Kinds of FTP

You can choose from three kinds of FTP software depending on your needs. Client FTP is a sole program that you can configure with your server details, publishing software, and preferred browser. This type is recommended for small commercial and personal business websites, as well as for users who are able to do their own coding for web pages since it is not related to any web publishing program.

Page editing FTP is another type and is commonly used for uploading, downloading and managing files to a remote server. It allows you to publish and design your websites from a program since it is usually integrated with design and web publishing programs.

Another type is the web browser FTP that can work with new web browsers that can support FTP uploading since it uses them to access the files on your website or server. Its file transfer is effortless because you simply cut and paste or drag and drop the files from one folder to another.

Buying your software

Before buying an FTP software, make sure you get a free trial so you can test its efficiency and features for at least 30 days. Then, when you are ready to buy the software, choose one that can allow you to upload and download the files with an open FTP account with your email address acting as the password. It is more convenient than having your files pass through a slow email servers.