How to Upload Your File by Free FTP From Your Computer to Server Or Hosting Place Within Minutes

What is FTP?

FTP is File Transfer Protocol which is a software to transfer files between your computer and the website hosting server.

What is website hosting server?

In simple website hosting servers are also computers where your website files are stored. Although the server location is not with you, it may be in another country, but you can access there anytime by log in details the server provides you.

How you can easily transfer files between your computer and web host?

The easiest way to transfer between your computer and website is using a ftp software. There are many ftp software in the internet which you can use free. Just go to and make a search with free ftp download. you will get a lot of links. just try one.

How to set up ftp software?

After downloading a ftp software you will set up your website server there. it is very easy. you will have to put there your website server which is generally your domain name like or in some cases it is user and password you will get it from your website host. generally it is your website cpanel login or a log in created in cpanel by add ftp account.

How to transfer file?

After setting the ftp server if you connect there you will see your computer file in a window and website file in another window side by side. Now just select a file from your computer which you want to upload. Then click an icon which shows transfer file. sometimes it is an arrow sign pointing from computer files to website host. You will see that the file is transferring and it will show you the percentage of present transfer size.