FTP Hosting for Architects

Transferring layout and blueprints over the Internet

Problem in transferring large blueprints or layout over the Internet is a common problem for architects. As an architect you need a secure and efficient medium to send large digital files to clients and customers. It is observed that the process of sending files from one computer to another often terminates when the file size exceeds the limit. To overcome this hurdle you can break a single large file in multiple small files and send them through Email as an attachment. Clients or customers, who are receiving the files, will integrate the parts to get the original content of the large file.

For architects, the process is not efficient at all. Breaking the digital format of a blueprint or layout into several parts and then integrating them to get the original image may create problem for clients and customers. Also, it is not desirable that the client or customer can efficiently integrate the parts. Though it is true that business organizations are more familiar with Email services to communicate with the clients and customers however, Email is not the right medium to send large files.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) hosting service can be the right option for architects to transfer large digital layouts and blueprints on the World Wide Web, keeping the content unchanged. For an architect it is necessary to exchange information (text and/or image) with the customers and to maintain the security of business content. FTP hosting service not only ensures efficient transmission of large files over the Internet but also restricts unauthorized third party from accessing the information.

Why FTP for Architects?

Be it a large architect firm or a home business, File Transfer Protocol is a suitable communication protocol to transfer images and confidential content, irrespective of file size and type. Architects use FTP as an efficient mode for transferring large files:

  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Interior and Exterior Designs
  • Master Plan, Blueprint and Layout
  • Confidential Financial Data
  • Consultancy

FTP hosting services come with all the features, which are sufficient to transfer designs and images through a given network. An architect requires a suitable medium not only to exchange business communication with the clients but also to share information and designs in digital format.

Just think about a secure space in the server, allocated only for your business and only the authorized clients can access information from there. FTP hosting service provider will allocate necessary space in the server based on the requirement of your business process. Files are exchanged between the remote computers via this server.

Architects use FTP hosting service to develop 3D preview of the architecture for the client, to display audio and/or video presentation of a project and to exchange password protected plans and designs. The choice of using public or secured FTP server is based on the requirement. It is recommended to use private FTP hosting service to protect the privacy of the design and content from your rivals. Following the baseline of FTP hosting service it can be said that FTP hosting service will allow only FTP account holders to access the files from FTP server.

Features of FTP Hosting Service

Selection of a right hosting service matters for architects. Compared to a Web Server, FTP provides ultimate security and offers wide array of useful features for architects. Transferring designs or video presentations require secured medium to keep the privacy of the content. With Secured FTP Hosting Service you can transfer password-protected content and images in a compressed file format.

Following are some common features of FTP hosting services:

  • Large storage space in the server
  • FTP Software support to upload files, download files and manage FTP site
  • Private FTP account for users in the business system
  • Customized directories
  • Daily backups of data
  • Unlimited Bandwidth to transfer files
  • 24/7 Technical support

Sounds interesting? Register for FTP hosting service for your business from an authorized FTP hosting service provider. Initially you will get a trial period to familiarize with the process. Selection of FTP software depends upon the computer system that you are using in the business. For example, if you use Mac then it is recommended to go for Fetch FTP, otherwise, for general PC users recommended software are WS_FTP Pro or Cute FTP. FTP hosting service reduces the task of copying information on the disk to keep the backups. No need to use FedEx or other similar services to transfer files to your client. FTP hosting services save your time and money, and allow you to transfer or share information securely, protected by password.

Do You Want to Know About FTP

FTP stands for, File Transfer Protocol. It is generally used to transfer data from one computer to another computer through networking or internet. It is a protocol that is commonly used to exchange data and file over any network that supports the Internet. FTP can be created by any software company since the protocol is an open standard. And that allows any computer to be connected to multiple file to a number of computers.

Once you are connected to it you can use it and do number of file operation, uploading and downloading files, rename or delete files etc. The FTP servers can be setup anywhere between the game server, voice server and internet servers.

You can use the FTP by web browser; you can connect to the address exactly as you get connected to the internet. Using the web browser, the FTP transfer makes it easy for you to browse large directories and read and retrieve all the files that are in the computer. The most common use of the FTP is to download the files from the internet. FTP is therefore known as the backbone of the MP3, since it helps the music lover to download all their favorite music to the personal computer. In addition to this the ability to transfer the files makes the FTP essential for the persons who create web pages and the other professionals who are frequent user of the internet. When you are downloading the file from the Internet, you are actually transferring the files to your computer hardware. Just like the internet server is dedicated to the use of internet, the FTP server or FTP sites is dedicated to the FTP connection.

An FTP sites is just like the other servers. Its main purpose is to serve the FTP users. It lets the user to decide about which files to keep lock and which should not be locked and can be viewed by the public. When you are connected to the FTP sites you are allowed to do anonymous logins. You are not asked for any user name or passwords. Hence when you are about to download something from the internet, you do not have to know it. To get connected to the FTP you need to use the standard web browsers or a dedicated FTP software.

FTP client is software that is designed to transfer files between computers over the internet. It needs installation if you want to use it and can only be connected if you are online. The FTP connection has helped in the different sectors where numerous people are working. Because or this protocol, downloading of almost anything has become so easy and fast. There are numerous sites where you will be provided with free downloading of the protocol. If you want to be an advance user, download it and install it to your personal computer.

FTP Explained in the Dictation and Transcription Industry

What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the easiest, fastest, and most secure ways to exchange documents, sound files, and more over the internet. You may not know it, but more than likely, you’ve used an FTP site on the internet before.

In the dictation and transcription industry, the most common use for FTP is exchanging audio files and transcribed documents back and forth between a transcriptionist, or transcription service providers and their clients.

What is an FTP Site?

An FTP site is like a large filing cabinet for your digital files. With a traditional filing cabinet, the person who does the filing has the option to label and organize the files how ever they see fit. They decide which files to keep locked and which remain public. The same is true with an FTP site.

The “key” to an FTP site is the user name and password. This allows you and your list of authorized users the ability to place documents and audio files in folders, both when sending and receiving.

Do I need special software?

No, special software is not required. Generally speaking, you can use a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) or a dedicated FTP software program, sometimes called an FTP Client.

In the dictation and transcription industry, security is the number one concern. The FTP Client you decide to use should support 128-bit encryption for HIPAA readiness.

Advantages over Email

FTP offers a long list of advantages over email. Emailing someone is just like mailing a letter. Do you really ever know if the recipient ever receives the letter? Under most circumstances you can assume they did, but when we’re speaking of medical dictation and transcription work, do you really want to assume?

FTP is inherently more reliable then email because your PC makes a direct connection with the FTP server, then begins to transfer the files. After the file transfer is complete, you actually see the files sitting on the server. This confirms that they are there and whoever needs to pick them up, can. A single email however can be routed through several servers before it finally gets to its designation and then you have to consider spam filters picking them up.

Most email providers impose a limited file attachment size. If the limit is exceeded when you send or your client sends an audio file, the file will not transfer and will not be received. FTP eliminates the issue completely and you can rest assured you will not encounter a job to large to transfer.

Workflow Automation

In the dictation and transcription industry, most things are time-sensitive. Utilizing powerful dictation software with FTP interfacing built-in can save a great deal of time and it makes sending and receiving files easier than ever. We recommend shopping long and hard for just the right software solution to power your workflow.

What should I look for in an FTP Provider?

Your FTP site will play a big part in your business. It’s absolutely necessary to investigate each FTP provider you consider and ask them questions like, “How many years have you been in business?” and “What’s your uptime like?”

When your FTP service goes down, so does your ability to transfer file. Price is always a factor, but also consider the technical support options, the company’s reputation, and the overall value of the plan.