FTP Backup – A Low-Cost Approach to Remote Backup

Backups are a necessity in today’s fast paced world, as disaster can strike anytime resulting in the loss of important information. In this age of rapid development and the inter linkage between private and business sectors, information has gained great value. There are many types of backups on the market, each with its own unique features that offers the users a wide range of possibilities. Common data security methods include writing and copying data on DVDs, external and internal hard drives, or to just simple CD. Each of these systems does provide the user with ease in creating and duplicating files. However the limitations do outweigh this simple nature as each form has a numerical limitation, are susceptible to external conditions such as water damage or theft, and they do have a specific shelf life. To expand on the idea of backups, another possible approach is the utilization of FTP.

FTP is not a new concept as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has been around since the mid 1980s. FTP is a technology built on a client-server architecture that allows the user to transfer files between two computers over the Internet. FTP works with user based password authentication or it can work with an anonymous user access. FTP backup utilizes a dedicated remote server that will host the FTP backup files. FTP backup is often a good choice as it does provide a secure and reliable way to backup personal data.

FTP backup has the advantage of backing up data to a remote location. This property allows the user to store important information off-site, thus ensuring that should something happen at one location, a separate and independent copy would exist.

FTP backup is well suited at best when the planned back up files are small amount or the files are large and compressed. An FTP backup is however not useful if the user wishes to transfer an entire hard drive as the Internet connection may not be fast enough or the FTP server may restrict the amount of FTP backup files permitted at a particular time as the FTP server may have specific regulations.

To proceed in making an FTP scheduled backup, the user will need a few things. An FTP backup will require a dedicated FTP server, FTP software that is often referred to as FTP client, and good Internet connection. If you do not have access to an FTP server then one can easily sign up for one of the many free web hosting providers that will offer you an FTP server. The FTP software will allow the individual to access the FTP server. Just like backup software, there exist today many types of FTP software on the market. Some exist as freeware or shareware and others the user will need to purchase to use. Depending on the needs of the user and complexity of the software, the user should always examine the documentation and help files for the software to further clarify the usage of the software.

FTP Software – Easy Website Management With FTP

FTP stands for file transfer protocol and it is a software used for uploading and editing web pages onto a website or server. Commonly used by commercial and personal webmasters, FTP software allows easier file downloading and uploading regardless of its size.

Kinds of FTP

You can choose from three kinds of FTP software depending on your needs. Client FTP is a sole program that you can configure with your server details, publishing software, and preferred browser. This type is recommended for small commercial and personal business websites, as well as for users who are able to do their own coding for web pages since it is not related to any web publishing program.

Page editing FTP is another type and is commonly used for uploading, downloading and managing files to a remote server. It allows you to publish and design your websites from a program since it is usually integrated with design and web publishing programs.

Another type is the web browser FTP that can work with new web browsers that can support FTP uploading since it uses them to access the files on your website or server. Its file transfer is effortless because you simply cut and paste or drag and drop the files from one folder to another.

Buying your software

Before buying an FTP software, make sure you get a free trial so you can test its efficiency and features for at least 30 days. Then, when you are ready to buy the software, choose one that can allow you to upload and download the files with an open FTP account with your email address acting as the password. It is more convenient than having your files pass through a slow email servers.

Finally, FTP Hosting That’s Simple And Fast!

There is nothing safer than File Transfer Protocol (FTP) hosting services to exchange files on the World Wide Web. Compared to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), people found FTP as an efficient communication protocol for exchanging digital data. If you are looking for fast and simple hosting service that can maintain the privacy then go for FTP. Though it is true that HTTP is a widely used communication protocol to share files but has some drawbacks. HTTP gives no guarantee about the privacy of the information that you are sharing with someone else over the Internet. Moreover, types and size of the digital file matters for exchanging information through Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

FTP hosting service comes with all the features, which simplify the process of sharing information online by keeping the privacy of the content. Not only for sending files or messages, you can use FTP hosting services for several purposes like – online auction, business communication, downloading graphic and/or multimedia files, downloading software, etc. FTP hosting service supports uploading/downloading all types of files (e.g., text files, image files, audio files, video files, multimedia files etc.) irrespective of their size.

To enjoy the fast and reliable communication protocol you have to register for a FTP hosting service. FTP hosting service comes with wide array of features and two basic components – FTP Server and FTP Client. FTP hosting service transfers digital information from one node (computer) to another through the FTP server. FTP service provider will allocate space for you in their server and allow you to create FTP account for the users to communicate. Files are uploaded and stored in the server. FTP account holders, who are authorized to access the allocated site, can download copies of the files, which are uploaded. This is considered as a convenient and safe way for exchanging digital information by protecting unwanted third party from accessing the content.

Easy to configure

Initially you have to configure an FTP Client to upload and download digital files from a registered FTP hosting account. FTP hosting service provider will allocate required space in the FTP server with a domain name. It is recommended to apply for FTP hosting service with a domain name that is similar to the web address of your business. The configuration of FTP Client is as simple as creating an Email account. You have to set FTP Client under the registered FTP site. You have to define a unique username and password. For example, ftp.domainname.com is a host and [email protected] is the username through which a registered FTP account holder can upload and download digital files.

Managing sites through Control Panel

FTP hosting service comes with the feature of Control Panel. As you register for an FTP Site, the service provider will supply you a unique username and password to administer the allocated space. You can administer your own FTP Site through the Control Panel. The design of the control panel is quite user friendly and allow you to perform following tasks:

  • Add or remove FTP user for your domain
  • Change the password of FTP user account
  • Integrate users in groups to share information
  • Allocate disk space for FTP users of your domain
  • Manage directory and the service period for the FTP users of your site.

Cost of FTP Hosting Services

The market has become competitive and you can easily find a suitable FTP hosting service at an affordable price. Though the price of FTP Service varies from one service provider to another but the price of FTP hosting service depends upon the service period and facilities applied by the customer.

Therefore it can be said that the cost of FTP hosting services and FTP Software are quite inexpensive and suitable for all types of business processes. Moreover you can easily manage your FTP site with little knowledge on FTP Software and related technical issues.