The Advantages of Free FTP Programs

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a method of sending data between computers by way of the internet. The most obvious benefit of FTP software program is the truth that you get to enjoy the benefits of FTP software program or client with out making an initial investment. Although it’s possible to transfer data by way of email, they will not be a good option for big data or for a lot of files. An FTP software program may also be used to upload data from a computer to a server.

This is essential because for a website to be available online, you want a server. With an FTP program, you do not need to enlist the services of a professional. There are also open-source FTP servers, some for specific platforms and others for various operating systems. Some of these servers could be managed easily through GUI while others servers require a command line. This implies you do not need to spend a single cent for all your FTP solutions.

A free FTP software program is straightforward to work with. The process can be very easy because all you must do is drag the file. All data go to the FTP server, which has a very massive capacity. You’ll be able to then access these data via the FTP software, or client, or via an internet browser. data are either available permanently or briefly and you must therefore verify whether or not your option has an automatic delete feature.

To access an FTP website is as simple as accessing any other website. The only difference is that you simply begin with ‘ftp://’ instead of ‘http://’. However, you will require a login ID and a password. As soon as you’re inside the location, what you’ll discover is similar to what’s in a computer’s ‘My Documents’. There are several limits to access relying on the administrator and you need to, therefore verify whether or not the site provides you what you need. Options might include things like transferring data, including files, editing data, and deleting files.

With a free FTP program, it’s possible to upload streaming audio. This is essential because you should utilize audio to enhance your website and you can even sell digital files online. Free FTP programs are advantageous in that there are a lot of choices available. If you understand how to work with one FTP client, you will not have an issue working with others since, though the interface might vary from one client to the other, the knowledge needed is similar. The fact that there are a lot of choices out there means you can get the client that suits your specific needs. FTP client that are free are developed as open-source programs and this means they endure vigorous testing and intensive performance monitoring.

With a free FTP program, it’s possible to do FTP synchronization. This makes file transfer within a network or online faster. It also makes it possible to carry out features such as file tracking and file scheduling. FTP synchronization allows you to create backup copies of your information – this is carried out automatically once you save data on the HDD.

FTP Hosting for Beginners – Lesson 101

Have you ever realized why the Internet is so popular? It is because the Internet provides us with easy and fast access to all types of information and knowledge. It is the perfect platform to share information, gain knowledge, send messages, listen to music, and view graphics.

However, if you face problems in transferring this information, then the very purpose of using the Internet will fail. This is where you need the help of FTP Hosting service.

The FTP Hosting service helps you to transfer files over the Internet irrespective of the length and size of the files. The files to be transferred using FTP Hosting service can come in the form of web pages, media files, image files or text files.

Difference between Transferring Files via Emails and FTP Hosting Service

FTP Hosting service makes use of a safe and sound online file storage system. It is in this storage system that the FTP Hosting service allows you to upload all the files, irrespective of their type and size. Once you have finished uploading all the desired files, the recipient of the respective files can easily download them according to their preferred time.

You may feel that even the email can serve this purpose of transferring files. But, there are size restrictions in an email, and the email services fail to transfer large files. You may face a situation where you need to transfer files of size over 100MB – 300MB. This is when you require the help of FTP Hosting service. Moreover, emails allow you to send files from one person to another. FTP Hosting allows you to store the files in an online secured storage system from where the recipients can easily download their respective files.

How Secured is FTP Hosting?

You will be considered a good candidate for FTP Hosting service if you share large files with a number of vendors and clients. The FTP Hosting service provides you with multiple accounts, with the help of which you can easily upload and download files to and from your vendors and clients. Since this whole process involves handling a number of accounts, FTP Hosting service will also provide you with secured passwords for all the individual accounts, thus preventing one client from viewing files for other clients.

FTP Hosting service is mainly used in various organizations and firms including designer, medical practice, law, art, transcription, engineering firms and other organizations that require secure transfer of heavy files.

FTP Server & FTP Client

FTP in “FTP Hosting” stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is one of the fastest and the most effective ways of transferring large files over the Internet. In order to perform FTP Hosting, you will require two types of computers – FTP Server and FTP Client.

FTP Server – This computer runs the FTP server software. It keeps track of requests by the Client computers for connecting to a file that is uploaded on the online storage system.

FTP Client – This computer runs the FTP client software. It instigates connection to the FTP server. Once the connection is established, the client can download and upload files to and from the server, edit, delete or rename files on the server.

FTP Software

To make sure that the two computers required for FTP Hosting, FTP Server and FTP Client, are working effectively, you will require FTP Software. The software runs on the Server and Client computers and handles the smooth transferring of the files. Almost all the FTP Hosting software are easy to use. All you need to do is – install the application, fill in details of site address, name and related information, and just connect. Once connection has been restored, you can easily upload files from your PC to the site and download the files from the site to the local drive of your computer.

A number of FTP Hosting software are available – both for server and client programs. Some of them are:

WS FTP – as file transfer client software, it is the most popular. With the help of this secure software, you can quickly and easily manage all the digital information. It helps to compress files into .zip format during file transfer. It guarantees security of data with the help of 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) keys and SSL transfers.

FTP Explorer – this allows you to resume file download even after an interruption. This FTP client software is modeled after Windows Explorer interface.

Cute FTP – this is one of the widely used shareware FTP programs. This FTP Client software is developed by GlobalSCAPE. Their enhanced tools help them to manage complex data.

FTP Hosting costs only a fraction of the cost that you pay for sending files via UPS, Fed-X and various postal services. Moreover, the risk of damage and delay and the associated delivery costs are not there. Usually, you will need to pay only $3.50 every week. However, if you go for a monthly payment, you only need to pay $25.00 every month.

How to Use FTP to Upload Your Website Files

If you need to transfer website files from your computer to a server to get it online you’ll need to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Some folks upload files from their web hosting control panel (e.g. cpanel) however this is not as easy and often leads to errors. FTP enables you to quickly and easily transfer a large volume of files.

Requirements for FTP

  • FTP software
  • FTP login information
  • Website files to be uploaded (transferred)

FTP software

Free FTP software can be obtained from the Net by downloading FileZilla or SmartFTP. A reliable paid version is WS_FTP Professional.

FTP login information

Get your FTP username and FTP password from your web host. The Host/Server is the name of the server or host e.g. yourdomain dot com or an IP address. When you connect to the Web, files can be transferred using the binary or ASCII mode.

So how do you know which files to upload in Ascii or Binary?

  • Binary mode is for uploading binary files e.g. music, images, video, etc.
  • ASCII mode is for uploading plain text files e.g. Notepad

If you can view the files in a text editor such as notepad (e.g. html, js, css, etc) upload them using ASCII mode. If the files consist of images, video, audio, zip files, executables, etc upload them in Binary mode. If you upload files in the wrong mode they may get corrupted. This mostly occurs when uploading scripts.

Set your FTP software to “Auto”

You can set your uploads to “auto” on most FTP software programs. it compares the file type you are transferring with a list of known file types and sets it automatically to binary or ascii. This is usually the default setting when first starting your FTP program.

How to Use FTP to Upload (Transfer) Your Website Files

  • Connect to the web after entering your host name, username and password in the FTP software
  • 2 document windows will appear
  • 1 window will display the files on your computer (local browser window)
  • The second window will display files on the server (remote browser window)
  • Drag the files from the local browser window to the remote browser window
  • The files will start uploading (transferring) to the server
  • Duplicate files on the server will automatically be replaced
  • When all the files have been transferred your website will appear on the Web

Setting CHMOD permissions

CHMOD is a Unix command that tells the system what access it will allow for a file. The command is primarily used to set permissions for Perl CGI scripts and the files associated with them.

Scripts often require different permissions when uploaded to the server. Make sure you read the readme file that comes with your script to find out what permissions are needed. If you don’t use the correct ones you’ll receive ugly script errors.

For most website owners they’ll spend 99% of the time transferring html pages and image files (not scripts). Since most FTP software is set by default to “auto” they won’t have to worry if the files are binary or ascii.