What Is The Best FTP Server Software To Use?

If you’re looking to find the best FTP server software available today then you’re in luck because in this article I am going to disclose the most popular FTP server software for use today as well as some useful information that you need to be aware of when using an FTP server.

First of all why do we need FTP Server Software?

To start off with FTP server software is also referred to as an FTP client. FTP stands for file transfer protocol and is the method in which website owners use to upload, download and edit files on their website.

FTP is not the only way to carry out this task however it is the quickest because it connects your desktop with your website meaning that you don’t have to even have a web browser to do the file transfer.

How do you use FTP?

Using FTP is very easy really and once you have the initial settings sorted out it is just a matter of dragging the files you want to upload from your desktop to your website. The hardest part of using FTP is the setup. In order to setup your FTP correctly you’ll need to make sure that you have the host name for your website, the FTP username, FTP password and port name. These settings can be easily found in your website hosting control panel or the hosting company will be able to easily supply you with the information.

So what is the best FTP software an why?

There are a lot of FTP server software programs online which you can download some are free and some are paid. What is most important for you to understand as you decide which FTP server software to use is that there is no difference in those FTP software’s that are paid and those that are free when it comes to uploading content to your website (The function you need in an FTP). What this means is that if you just want to add and edit information on your website then a free FTP solution is all you need and Filezilla will do the job.